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Event: Simplifying GDPR - Educate, Automate, Demonstrate!

12th October, 5pm - 7pm at the Finnish Embassy, London.

Event: Simplifying GDPR

M-Files is a global compliance and information management solution provider headquartered in Finland. As Finland celebrates its 100 year anniversary of independence, join us at the Residence of the Finnish Ambassador in London for an evening of discussion, food and networking. 

May 2018 is fast approaching and companies must move quickly to be ready for GDPR. A crucial part of this will be developing policies and procedure to protect personal data. This includes adopting appropriate technical and organisational measures - yet in many cases, companies simply aren't clear how or where to start. With the help of GDPR, compliance and information management experts, we will discuss the straightforward steps companies can take now to simplify GDPR compliance.

Finnish Ambassador's Residence

Topics will include:  

How will GDPR impact how you manage information in your organisation? Ralph O'Brien, REINBO Consulting According to research by AIIM (the Association of Information and Image Management) only 6% of respondents are fully prepared for GDPR, while just 23% expect to be ready in time for May - meaning the majority of organisations are a long way from being ready and face a tricky 6 months ahead in order to avoid the risk of fines. In this session, GDPR and information management expert Ralph O'Brien will look at the key changes GDPR will make to the way organisations manage and control information, and discuss the key steps organisations should be taking now to prepare, as we count down to May 2018.  

Educate, automate, demonstrate - quick and easy steps to take now. Rob Swan, M-Files With so many organisations yet to prepare for GDPR it seems many are burying their heads in the sand and avoiding the inevitable, but with May 2018 looming ever closer organisations must act now. This session will focus on how companies can quickly and simply:
Educate - Document GDPR policies and procedures, and train employees on their individual and collective responsibilities.
Automate - Streamline processes to ensure compliance - from monitoring training to document approval workflows, "right-to-be-forgotten" requests and more.
Demonstrate - Quickly and simply prove to auditors that appropriate measures have been taken, and processes followed correctly - and easily collate and provide the required information in the event of a breach.


4.30 - 5pm: Arrival and registration From 5pm : Welcome from the Finnish Ambassador Welcome and introductions from M-Files How will GDPR impact how you manage information in your organisation? Educate, automate, demonstrate - quick and easy steps to take now 6.15 - 7.30: Drinks, canapes and networking